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Galilean HD

ExamVision HD loupes are the most comfortable loupes you will ever wear – all day every day. Custom made to suit not only your eyesight, but the way that you work. Our customers tell us that they love the clarity of the image, the freedom of movement they maintain, but most of all how they feel their ExamVision loupes improve the quality of their work.



Loupes system comparison chart

Galilean HD

Galilean HD Loupe

Kepler Kompakt

Kepler Kompakt Loupe
  • »Available in 3 magnifications: 3.5 - 4.6 - 5.7
  • »A little heavier than Galilean; still very compact
  • »Used in more demanding procedures, but comfortable enough for all day wear
  • »3 stylish, specially constructed titanium frames
  • »Unparalleled sharpness
  • »Freedom of movement maintained by good depth of field
  • »Extra declination available for improved posture – Prisma Lens System™ not available
  • »Eye Protect System™ available

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Kepler Advanced

Kepler Advanced Loupe
  • »4-in-1 magnifications available: 3.6 - 4.5 - 6.4
  • »Lightest adjustable loupe on the market, weighing 20 grams less than the next lightest adjustable loupe.
  • »Made for experienced loupe users and experts working on demanding procedures
  • »Wide choice of titanium frames and colours
  • »Ensures you achieve perfect sharpness of vision
  • »Freedom of movement maintained by good depth of field
  • »Blue Light Protection depth of field (Optional upgrade)

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Protect your eyes

The first loupe with Blue-Violet and UV light protection.

Eye Protect System Image

Comprehensive warranty

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