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At ExamVision we are proud to offer the most customisable loupes on the market, built from the finest components. Measured in your clinic by your local ExamVision specialist, then made to measure by optometrists in Denmark.

ExamVision specialises in optics and optical solutions. We recognize the needs of the individual user and our aim is to improve your vision and ergonomic posture by finding the perfect solution for you. In the long run, perfectly fitted loupes give you more comfort and energy every day, and help you enjoy a long and healthy career.

Special optical features of ExamVision loupes:

Accommodate any prescription

The specially designed ExamVision frames allow any prescription in the loupe and in the carrier lenses, to ensure a perfect optical result for your working environment. Learn more about prescriptions in your ExamVision loupes here.

Future proof for prescription changes

Your eyesight and working distance can change over time, therefore ExamVision has developed a future proof loupe that can be adjusted to suit your changing prescription in the ocular or in the carrier lenses at any time.

Hi-Index lenses

Hi-index lenses are able to bend light more effectively than traditional lenses. They are also lighter, thinner and more impact-resistant than ordinary lenses. ExamVision uses Hi-index lenses as standard.

Super Hi-Vision coating

A Super Hi-Vision coating is an extra coating, which gives more than twice the scratch resistance to the lenses than traditional coatings. These extra anti-reflection coatings have superior smudge resistance and are easy to clean, which results in fewer scratches and reflections.

Eye Protect System™ developed by Essilor - for added protection

ExamVision, the only loupes where Blue-Violet light protection is available in the oculars, to protect your eyes from harmful blue light*without changing colour perception. Click here to learn more about the safest loupe on the market.

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* Partially filters Blue-Violet light

Prisma Lens System™

The Prisma Lens System™ can help you achieve a better ergonomic working posture. The prism in the loupe refracts light, making an image appear higher than it really is. This can be beneficial for very tall people or those who suffer from serious neck and back problems. However, the prism disperses the light thereby decreasing the optical quality/clarity slightly. Therefore the Prisma Lens System™ does not come as standard in ExamVision loupes. We strive for perfection, and will only recommend Prisma Lens System™ to those who need it.

Highly trained optical specialists

ExamVision loupes are manufactured by optometrists with many years of experience. The ExamVision team consists of optometrists and highly trained specialists educated in finding the best solution for you. We care about your work, your patients, and you.

Protect your eyes

The first loupe with Blue-Violet and UV light protection.

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Comprehensive warranty

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Essential by Examvision

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The finest entry-level loupe in the world